After drawn out periods of still inactivity, the lems begin to stir. Slowly at first, rolling from side to side before a short burst of tension courses through them and they’re a tad more mobile. Bizarre in appearance, lems come in all shapes and sizes. All widths and lengths. A range of pastel dull shades … More Lems

Nag’s Head Barfly

Christmas period 2006 Covent Garden pub on a cold evening shift This face half lit in the midst of a breakup Malboro, double espresso, slap and wake up Lug this conflicted heart to the back of the bar Take off my hoodie, hat and scarf to start Who’s on tonight? Please nobody stress inducing Pulses … More Nag’s Head Barfly


Happy National Poetry Day Shmusic Smack that snare on the down beat Nice and neat just before we reach bar 16 Keep the cymbal splashy but not too flashy Make sure that bass drum’s firm but mean Stick to my time and all will be fine The flow will be sick Each rhyme of each … More Shmusic


Sweating and rolling like bangers in a pan We demand this heat but it’s more than we can stand Binging on Vitamin D until we OD Due to cursed rain on days like today it’s so green And clean The permanent grey hanging everyday makes it look depressing Then the gloom’s washed away by a … More Tuesday