Lost Keys

Moderation is key and I’m a lock jammed with gum Either excess or abstinence; can’t deal with a little or some Rule of thumb, just one leads to another No dismount, lose count, reckless and smothered Discard one fling out comes another lover One night stand, grand, and then your kids she’s mothered Then you’re … More Lost Keys

Second Breakfast

Pixelated makeshift daydream Basic taste of morning sickness Pancake mix disguise the bitterness Witness the fitness drift and reminisce This hit insists on bliss If living a life wasn’t getting in the way Give faith, make haste, commit Persistence perturbed is hidden in a haze Delay, pray, blaze then praise Not inward facing, props to … More Second Breakfast


This home grown never looks the same As the buds and the baggies from the kids down the way That nostril stinging fruit infused strain Has less of a whiff and more a bouquet Organic, orgasmic, hallucinogenic Ammonia free, no chemicals innit One crumble and resin has filled up the grooves in your finger tips … More Homegrown

Scent of a Weekend

The streets of Levenshulme on Friday afternoon Perfumed plumes replace the exhaust fumes From open windowed cars and open windowed bedrooms The smell consumes, envelops and blooms Boom or snare, cruise or zoom Integrally zutes require a tune To station from school The breeze is cool Another week through The weekend’s in view


“Excuse me everybody I’ve just got a quick request I know it’s not really done but I’m going to try my best To connect with you all on this train I’m not begging or preaching or insane I’ve just got a small predicament I’m sure you can empathise, relate to my pain I was wondering … More Water!


Today was the day I caved Today was the day I bought some weed Today was the day I finished my work to come back in a week Today was the day Theresa May painted a future bleak Today was the day she didn’t resign but did deals with the DUP Today was the day … More Caved

Old Man Whibley

Old Man Whibley 5 o’clock rise Back stiff, eyes hurt, shoulders and thighs No more sleep required he’ll insist Got hair coming out of every orifice Creaks to the kitchen Flicks on the kettle Wakes himself up with some mid nineties metal Nodding his head until his neck starts to ache Mimicking the roars his … More Old Man Whibley


Do I have the permission to miss you? Does it mean I’ve failed if each day the urge to lick you and kiss you and flick you Kicks into my head at such an increasing rate I need to reach for a tissue and sob? God I need you in my life My best friend, … More Buddy