Breaking Point

I see them everywhere and I can’t get used to it Used to assume my land was pure Spilling their beliefs and they can’t help spewing it Can’t see how we can take any more Take us back to how it used to be A thriving prosperous community They know nothing of our values, nothing … More Breaking Point


You want your cake and eat it But not your just desserts Every egg is in the basket And you’ve counted them all The milk’s been spilt and you’re crying on the inside More than prepared to let sleeping dogs lie Your pants are on fire but you haven’t pulled your hair out yet Humour … More Bojo


Zero hour contract Dementia tax Integrity lacks and no signs of tact No nurse bursary No magic money tree Unless trying to send bribes to the DUP So fuck your LGBT Good Friday won’t agree Now we know the price for a two seat majority Just 3 rebels in your seats is all you need … More ABC


Today was the day I caved Today was the day I bought some weed Today was the day I finished my work to come back in a week Today was the day Theresa May painted a future bleak Today was the day she didn’t resign but did deals with the DUP Today was the day … More Caved