Spotting a Twat on Social Media for Dummies

“If you agree click like and share” “Witch hunt” “Triggered” “Thoughts and prayers” “Shillary” “Killary” “SJW” “Remoaner” “Bremoaner” “Remainiac” “Fake news!” “MAGA” “Sheeple” “Will of the people” “Snowflake” “Lefty liberal type” “Libtard” “Feminazi” “SAD!” “I bet this doesn’t even get one like”

Status Update

This is your morning briefing This is my daily bread This is the beast who goes to sleep if not regularly fed This is my fake cat clap trap snap chat Status update chewed fat Call to prayer, call to arms Multi flavoured flap jack This is my open letter to an echo off the … More Status Update