There was a kid in my school who couldn’t walk properly Couldn’t talk properly Or hold a fork properly With his baby hands Forever swollen glands Making crazed demands And they wobble Couldn’t cobble a sentence together He would skip from cars to food to boobs to weather In one breathe Failed every reading test … More Chump

Spotting a Twat on Social Media for Dummies

“If you agree click like and share” “Witch hunt” “Triggered” “Thoughts and prayers” “Shillary” “Killary” “SJW” “Remoaner” “Bremoaner” “Remainiac” “Fake news!” “MAGA” “Sheeple” “Will of the people” “Snowflake” “Lefty liberal type” “Libtard” “Feminazi” “SAD!” “I bet this doesn’t even get one like”