NaPoWriMo Day 23

Just because the sun is hiding behind the clouds doesn’t mean that the warmth is too   Sat in this carriage like an aubergine in salt A yuppy in a sauna  A spider in a vault Nobody’s fault per se but can I just say that opening a window feels like a revolt Ladies with … More NaPoWriMo Day 23


The only passenger on the midday service The slow engine purrs, the suspensions hiss This Metro paper keeps me entertained for several minutes Put it down quick before I get too miffed Try and let my mind drift, disregard the phone Loneliness shifts even moments alone Wish an original thought would grip me Trick me … More Note


“Excuse me everybody I’ve just got a quick request I know it’s not really done but I’m going to try my best To connect with you all on this train I’m not begging or preaching or insane I’ve just got a small predicament I’m sure you can empathise, relate to my pain I was wondering … More Water!


Stop running you’re making me nervous Both getting the 6:46 service Got fifteen minutes and we’re ten away Why not give those little legs of yours a break? On your face there’s so much urgency Was your make-up applied at the exact same speed? Your eyes so black can you even see? Face so white … More Hare