11:11 Why such discomfort? Something eerie about single digits Something strange about standing soldiers Legs are shuffled, fingers fidget Hairs prick up as air seems colder Lump in throat has turned to stone 11:12 before it’s a boulder Though 11:11 is long and alone Decisions are made at 11:11 Perfect time for imperfect revelations Moments … More eleven:eleven


Brought to the boil Small bubbles at the edge Forever simmering in anticipation Lights on red May as well be amber always hanging on the ledge To spring into action Reaction sped up To such high velocity Walking through glue The paints of the tune run into tune run into tune It’s chewed up and … More Mashed

Slow Mobius

Slow Mobius Save my soul because Moments evaporate faster than vapour Minutes disintegrate no delay and taper Impatience a luxury for other minds Hold me in this time Fold me under this rhyme Resist releasing your grasp Until you see the wink of my eye The sign that I am now ready to proceed Content … More Slow Mobius

Float On

If time is an ocean Life is devotion Throw in the most A toast to slow motion Money is a potion Hoping for commotion Where hope itself is the only lotion Know your own woes son Shoulder your own blows son Host your foes until you don’t need them Coat your dose until you don’t … More Float On