Course Set

Open book or an open grave A hero in my mind with no one saved Slave to a trade I can walk away from Life’s a time bomb Don’t think or pray So flay me alive A broke nose dive Awoken joke who copes and survives Just about Keep plodding display no clout Concave conveyed … More Course Set


There was a kid in my school who couldn’t walk properly Couldn’t talk properly Or hold a fork properly With his baby hands Forever swollen glands Making crazed demands And they wobble Couldn’t cobble a sentence together He would skip from cars to food to boobs to weather In one breathe Failed every reading test … More Chump

Literally Zombies

I can hear their feet dragging and scraping on the street Peaking through the blinds hoping they won’t notice me There’s zombies on the pavement and I’m stuck at home No this isn’t an allegory for folks on their phones They’re literally there they’ve gathered and formed They’ve started getting closer and closer to the … More Literally Zombies


You want your cake and eat it But not your just desserts Every egg is in the basket And you’ve counted them all The milk’s been spilt and you’re crying on the inside More than prepared to let sleeping dogs lie Your pants are on fire but you haven’t pulled your hair out yet Humour … More Bojo