I ran out of data on the nine o’clock train 10 gigs in three weeks to me seems strange Must’ve been the streaming, the hotspots and games Nine days to go without air. Lame But data has been getting in the way of my creative process Represses the sparks to make my thoughts undress A … More Data


I hate to break it to you but you are my enemy You are the chains keeping me from being free You are the stubbornness that holds off the money You are the greed that locks me in the dunny You’re not funny, to anybody but yourself You are the grime clogging up my health … More Enemy


I’m not going to die in a showdown with my longstanding mortal enemy I’m not going to get attacked and eaten by great white sharks far out at sea I’m not going to burn in the flames of a home whilst rescuing an infant I’m not going to act as the prey of a super … More Gonna


Crushing up your staring faces into a squash No peripheral shots No getting lost in the blind spots Beauty in a hive mind Grimace in the mono Temperatures are lukewarm Pulses are slow The clouds are low Low enough to dilute the shadows Low enough to dissipate the hopes once held Low enough to aide … More Nipped


Blackness wraps around, peering down, dark before the dawn. The rarity of stillness, and the calm before the storm. Still no more, spark reborn, a stone flint through perception. A pin hole light ignites awakes through careless misdirection. It stirs, it purrs, it echoes and croaks, Reflecting off the cavern walls. Through the glow small … More Balrog

Breaking Point

I see them everywhere and I can’t get used to it Used to assume my land was pure Spilling their beliefs and they can’t help spewing it Can’t see how we can take any more Take us back to how it used to be A thriving prosperous community They know nothing of our values, nothing … More Breaking Point


I want to be famous Pics in the Metro everyday kind of famous Being a dick to the waiter kind of famous Glad of the exposure any time they blame us For stirring controversy on purpose seeming aimless Commercials for insurance starring me and be shameless My face stuck on bottles of Fabreeze and they … More Famous