I ran out of data on the nine o’clock train 10 gigs in three weeks to me seems strange Must’ve been the streaming, the hotspots and games Nine days to go without air. Lame But data has been getting in the way of my creative process Represses the sparks to make my thoughts undress A … More Data

Literally Zombies

I can hear their feet dragging and scraping on the street Peaking through the blinds hoping they won’t notice me There’s zombies on the pavement and I’m stuck at home No this isn’t an allegory for folks on their phones They’re literally there they’ve gathered and formed They’ve started getting closer and closer to the … More Literally Zombies


Invasion of the body snatchers and I’m Matthew One of the last to go but now I’m through Check the time, check the weather my bank or the news Everything I do I’m looking at you Need music, youtube, writing or reading Every motion of my being my beast needs feeding As the seeds were … More Invasion

Tinny Temper

21st century don’t mean to moan And of course you’re free to do whatever with your phone But what I can’t condone in a public arena Is tinny music from tiny speakers For years the bus has been the preferred setting On my nerves your nerve is trying and getting Is it for the passengers … More Tinny Temper