I hate to break it to you but you are my enemy You are the chains keeping me from being free You are the stubbornness that holds off the money You are the greed that locks me in the dunny You’re not funny, to anybody but yourself You are the grime clogging up my health … More Enemy


Dancing on my hands and thinking on my feet I speak from the heart and work in my sleep My ears are burning, my stomach is churning Eyes vibrating and my jaw is gurning My knee is jigging and it’s pissing you off Each time my mouth lies I can’t help cough My cheeks are … More Matter


Enough about me, let’s talk about you Only one able to fill my shoes As the subject or object or way to reflect Or deflect to prove I’m not too self centred If I am old age then you are my dentures Speak of you proof I’m not that pretentious This one’s for you and … More Subject


Nucleus Cell Blood Artery Heart Ribcage Chest Me Living room House Road New Mills Derbyshire North West England UK Europe Earth Solar System Milky Way Universe Multiverse Nucleus Cell Blood Artery Heart Ribcage Chest Me


Everything everything A picture in your mind The senses the brushes beautifully wind The senses the paints are beautifully entwined His, hers and yours each different from mine The quality of materials matters at first Are the instruments at this point at their best or at their worst? Distortion on the line? Something in the … More Dualism