Penny for your thoughts Ten grand for your likes Sophie’s choice Your money or your life Chasing followers Comes at a price A hike up Pipe up Question is this right or wrong Is a song for a singer or the one who sings along? Seen to be a gift from artists It’s as if … More Likes

Off Grid

Poisonous chalice avoiding all malice Embroiled in a malady of callous overzealousness Coins on a balance of happiness and poised stability Humility and generosity are biased Tie us down In the black? You out of your head? All in the red From the basket to the casket Even after you’re dead Check the atlas for … More Off Grid

The Best Things

Quadrants of magnetic fields drawing in pockets Shut down existence, sit on the case and lock it Telescreen is gratis after the first initial purchase As long as you don’t need the shows that are actually worth it Supermarket own brands Any vices must be banned Or be branded a waster And your five a … More The Best Things

Float On

If time is an ocean Life is devotion Throw in the most A toast to slow motion Money is a potion Hoping for commotion Where hope itself is the only lotion Know your own woes son Shoulder your own blows son Host your foes until you don’t need them Coat your dose until you don’t … More Float On