Today was the day I caved Today was the day I bought some weed Today was the day I finished my work to come back in a week Today was the day Theresa May painted a future bleak Today was the day she didn’t resign but did deals with the DUP Today was the day … More Caved

Save Our NHS

The NHS is at May’s behest The state she likes it is in a mess Selling off chunks for less and less To her nearest and dearest and those she knows best She needed a mandate and thought she was blessed So put the country to the test How much we’ll pay is anyone’s guess … More Save Our NHS


Rather live on a bench than sleep in a tent Sooner have no money than pay my rent I’d write off the car before taking a dent Better to burn down the house than see where my keys went Prefer to be cursed than just hear the words Dive into a sewer than be shat … More Choices


Did it honestly move your heart to watch Martin Luther King? Get on stage and do his thing? “I have a dream!” Did it seriously give you goosebumps? But he never looked at his paper, not even once JFK once made a famous gaff Cocked up his German made everybody laugh John, a word of … More Speech