9 o’clock already, Dad’s waiting outside Hoping he won’t notice black pools in my eyes Pats on the back from Martin, Danny, Roxy Creasing in their lips, thinking “rather you than me” That night we’d seen the walls get sucked into the window I’d filled out Lorna’s T-shirt and made the colours glow Alice, Wonderland, … More Tuba


Wake and wait for the haze to dissipate But I woke long past a decade too late And I can’t get my thoughts straight I’m bombarded Clarity, reality, functionality discarded A fog of shades take over my gaze Blues, greens and reds replace whites and greys Solid lines over time fade into a sketch As … More Trailed


Trouble and strife I’m scarred for life Since 1999 Getting trails off a knife Not quite a rainbow But a glow stick light In the middle of the night This sight’s not right Acid was rare at the turn of the millennium Waiting month after season till some would come So when it would I … More Trails