Love Poem

You don’t love me when I take your toys away Or when I try to move your hair from in front of your face When I’m asking you to sit up straight Or finish every last piece of food on your plate Sometimes you hate me When I brush your teeth or won’t give you … More Love Poem


Takes two feet for every step House involuntarily wakes after you’ve slept Defiant, resistant, stubborn and audacious Your smokey rasp feels grand and spacious Impressions that already grasp irony No moment tainted with mundanity A line about slugs slipped into any song Refusal to let another sing along A struggle to get nourishment passed your … More Alice

Old Man Whibley

Old Man Whibley 5 o’clock rise Back stiff, eyes hurt, shoulders and thighs No more sleep required he’ll insist Got hair coming out of every orifice Creaks to the kitchen Flicks on the kettle Wakes himself up with some mid nineties metal Nodding his head until his neck starts to ache Mimicking the roars his … More Old Man Whibley


Patience is a virtue No phrase more true A segregating wall between the world and you Patience is a close relation of meditation Restrain and endurance in the things we do Patience is control over those we have none To possess or to not an icon of what we’ve become An example of self centred … More Patience


Penny for your thoughts Ten grand for your likes Sophie’s choice Your money or your life Chasing followers Comes at a price A hike up Pipe up Question is this right or wrong Is a song for a singer or the one who sings along? Seen to be a gift from artists It’s as if … More Likes

The Best Things

Quadrants of magnetic fields drawing in pockets Shut down existence, sit on the case and lock it Telescreen is gratis after the first initial purchase As long as you don’t need the shows that are actually worth it Supermarket own brands Any vices must be banned Or be branded a waster And your five a … More The Best Things

Cocoa Love

Lindt me your ears Let me wispa sweet nothings I’ll be your miniature hero In the morning bake you muffins Men are from Mars I’ll take you to the Milky Way Across the galaxy, come with me and breakaway I’ll give you a boost You can be my caramel A maverick for you, one that … More Cocoa Love


Out of the predictable wilderness comes a beast A snarling gnashing slashing beast A snapping gashing slaying beast Blood drenched eyes and drooling teeth Reeking fur and blistered feet Sporadic dreadlocks incomplete Complete with ticks and occasion leech No aim to track nor hunt nor feast Intent to bash and thrash and beat Defeat all … More Beast


‘Making love’ is just so cheesy I want to bang and bone Romance is sleazy I’m a sex bomb and that makes me cool Fucking is passion, love’s out of fashion ‘You’re just so beautiful, you’re everything I need’ Don’t make me vom this is 2017 Peace and harmony? How pathetically lame Give me guns … More Love?