Nag’s Head Barfly

Christmas period 2006 Covent Garden pub on a cold evening shift This face half lit in the midst of a breakup Malboro, double espresso, slap and wake up Lug this conflicted heart to the back of the bar Take off my hoodie, hat and scarf to start Who’s on tonight? Please nobody stress inducing Pulses … More Nag’s Head Barfly

Special K

If you’re ordering donna then you’re doing it wrong I’m also strong on the fact it should never be a pitta And I know for the Turkish a pitta is where it belongs But I’m from Manchester so don’t get bitter I never even knew it was Turkish until later in life Always saw it … More Special K


If you’re pushing hate on Muslims Part blame lies with you You are the objective, the result and the tool You honestly believe these lost souls act for Islam? To take the lives of innocents at the time of Ramadan? Islam’s not the problem Extremism is the enemy The extreme muddy the name of any … More Tools


A walking dreamcatcher Space cadet without the sci fi More than pretty vacant On vacation was his mind Behind his eyes no signs of life or focus Hocus pocus and if not he’s trying to provoke us Dylan’s repeated unprompted line “He’s cool, he’s fine, just needs some time to readjust to normal life” Does … More Alex