Tap on my head and watch the dreams flood out With a good clout you can make my memories shout With a good clout you could keep my tears in place A waste of space stopped from trailing up my face Which no one would notice Existence is invisible Attention is divisible Shared amongst the … More Tapped


I hate to break it to you but you are my enemy You are the chains keeping me from being free You are the stubbornness that holds off the money You are the greed that locks me in the dunny You’re not funny, to anybody but yourself You are the grime clogging up my health … More Enemy


I’m not going to die in a showdown with my longstanding mortal enemy I’m not going to get attacked and eaten by great white sharks far out at sea I’m not going to burn in the flames of a home whilst rescuing an infant I’m not going to act as the prey of a super … More Gonna


After drawn out periods of still inactivity, the lems begin to stir. Slowly at first, rolling from side to side before a short burst of tension courses through them and they’re a tad more mobile. Bizarre in appearance, lems come in all shapes and sizes. All widths and lengths. A range of pastel dull shades … More Lems

Do the Walk…

Started off on a slight downhill Gravity pulls, no effort needed Drifting along at casual will No warning given, no caution heeded Levelling off without much notice Legs warmed up and striding along Clear blue skies and budding lotus Calming trill of morning birdsong The flat proceeds to a gentle slope Tempting perspiration Stems are … More Do the Walk…


You know I’m pretty fat but not like super proper fat Can get a bit tetchy but I’m not a full on twat I write better shit poems than the bloke on the street But I’ll never get to stand on a stage at Glastonbury Do spoken word and go red in the face My … More Mamahuhu


Dancing on my hands and thinking on my feet I speak from the heart and work in my sleep My ears are burning, my stomach is churning Eyes vibrating and my jaw is gurning My knee is jigging and it’s pissing you off Each time my mouth lies I can’t help cough My cheeks are … More Matter

Catch Up

Body scrambles catching up with the ghost Guest of mind, inhospitable host Sprint resisted walking through gel By no means heaven yet far from hell A spell uncast a past unkind Unwanted separation, left behind Divinity never felt less divine Mind over matter evaporated time Lacerated synapse Exacerbated woe The mental fractured The physical whole … More Catch Up