Love Poem

You don’t love me when I take your toys away Or when I try to move your hair from in front of your face When I’m asking you to sit up straight Or finish every last piece of food on your plate Sometimes you hate me When I brush your teeth or won’t give you … More Love Poem

3rd Conditional

The ant nest stood in the corner of the playground away from the courts and equipment For months it had grown and flourished underground without any resentment, judgement or threat An ill-timed, mis-aimed full-power shot sent the football in that direction Unfortunately for everyone, including the ants it was Jacob’s turn to fetch The ball … More 3rd Conditional


Surrounded by stone inside or out Opposite a cliff in a small stone house Pebbles in my shoes and in the kids’ mouth It’ll make you sick quick spit it out now Chips of slate laid down in driveways And large plant pots kids nick em and play Stash them away in their small coat … More Stones

Pink Teddy Bears

Bruce found pink teddy bears Sitting in the tunnel Next to the swings, slides and basketball funnel 4 in total zipped up tight Remanence dropped from the previous night If the bag had been open he’d have given them a go No way for him to know growing up in the town of Swizzles Matlow … More Pink Teddy Bears


Takes two feet for every step House involuntarily wakes after you’ve slept Defiant, resistant, stubborn and audacious Your smokey rasp feels grand and spacious Impressions that already grasp irony No moment tainted with mundanity A line about slugs slipped into any song Refusal to let another sing along A struggle to get nourishment passed your … More Alice

Old Man Whibley

Old Man Whibley 5 o’clock rise Back stiff, eyes hurt, shoulders and thighs No more sleep required he’ll insist Got hair coming out of every orifice Creaks to the kitchen Flicks on the kettle Wakes himself up with some mid nineties metal Nodding his head until his neck starts to ache Mimicking the roars his … More Old Man Whibley


The kids are going mental Running around Lake Garda I dreamt a trip more gentle Denial of Oriental Acceptance is getting harder The kids are going mental Pulses, beans and lentils Are unfound in the larder I dreamt a trip more gentle Your body is a temple And yours is draped in Prada The kids … More Garda