Inside her heart were bluebells A perfect form of the part-time weed They tingle at tales she tells And drop their seeds each time she breathes The dew dropped leaves and petals dance When love is offered or received Eventually in romance Clanging bells chime in the breeze Every mindful step is delicate Every playful … More Royal

Old Man Whibley

Old Man Whibley 5 o’clock rise Back stiff, eyes hurt, shoulders and thighs No more sleep required he’ll insist Got hair coming out of every orifice Creaks to the kitchen Flicks on the kettle Wakes himself up with some mid nineties metal Nodding his head until his neck starts to ache Mimicking the roars his … More Old Man Whibley


Penny for your thoughts Ten grand for your likes Sophie’s choice Your money or your life Chasing followers Comes at a price A hike up Pipe up Question is this right or wrong Is a song for a singer or the one who sings along? Seen to be a gift from artists It’s as if … More Likes

Heart of the Earth

Overcharged greetings and tearful goodbyes Exchanged in every peripheral of every eye Suits, boots, cases ,laces, sunburns Anticipated beginnings and exhausted returns The ongoing input/output machine Churns, steams, flows, gleams Pristine in each corner no bags can be left A human experience though inhuman nonetheless The building, the warnings, the awnings the mill Designated bustling … More Heart of the Earth