My lids were lifted and the ceiling was closer, The floor was further away. No floatation though, well suspended. No. My back was held in place. Sculpted between my shoulder blades, I could feel the supports of which I was raised. They were solid, unbreakable, stronger than oak. Every pore of my skin gave off … More Summoned


Wake and wait for the haze to dissipate But I woke long past a decade too late And I can’t get my thoughts straight I’m bombarded Clarity, reality, functionality discarded A fog of shades take over my gaze Blues, greens and reds replace whites and greys Solid lines over time fade into a sketch As … More Trailed


Nucleus Cell Blood Artery Heart Ribcage Chest Me Living room House Road New Mills Derbyshire North West England UK Europe Earth Solar System Milky Way Universe Multiverse Nucleus Cell Blood Artery Heart Ribcage Chest Me


Patience is a virtue No phrase more true A segregating wall between the world and you Patience is a close relation of meditation Restrain and endurance in the things we do Patience is control over those we have none To possess or to not an icon of what we’ve become An example of self centred … More Patience

Heart of the Earth

Overcharged greetings and tearful goodbyes Exchanged in every peripheral of every eye Suits, boots, cases ,laces, sunburns Anticipated beginnings and exhausted returns The ongoing input/output machine Churns, steams, flows, gleams Pristine in each corner no bags can be left A human experience though inhuman nonetheless The building, the warnings, the awnings the mill Designated bustling … More Heart of the Earth