Busiest BRIE

There’s a river of Finglands, Stagecoach, First There’s gaps in the tide preceding the bursts Banners of promotion sliding snakes A million and one obliging “cheers mate”s Clouds of vape from the top back seats Of strawberry cheesecake, bottom shelf sweets Students, prudence, reluctant commutes Buzzing devices headphoned or mute A feminine rhyme but not … More Busiest BRIE


The slightest flick of friction trips into a spark A spark which catches and ignites a flame The flame starts to burn, starts to learn, starts to earn The flame smokes, chokes and a fire is awoken A fire that cooks and roasts the flesh of the unassuming man on the bus A man who … More Friction

Tinny Temper

21st century don’t mean to moan And of course you’re free to do whatever with your phone But what I can’t condone in a public arena Is tinny music from tiny speakers For years the bus has been the preferred setting On my nerves your nerve is trying and getting Is it for the passengers … More Tinny Temper