Spotting a Twat on Social Media for Dummies

“If you agree click like and share” “Witch hunt” “Triggered” “Thoughts and prayers” “Shillary” “Killary” “SJW” “Remoaner” “Bremoaner” “Remainiac” “Fake news!” “MAGA” “Sheeple” “Will of the people” “Snowflake” “Lefty liberal type” “Libtard” “Feminazi” “SAD!” “I bet this doesn’t even get one like”

Literally Zombies

I can hear their feet dragging and scraping on the street Peaking through the blinds hoping they won’t notice me There’s zombies on the pavement and I’m stuck at home No this isn’t an allegory for folks on their phones They’re literally there they’ve gathered and formed They’ve started getting closer and closer to the … More Literally Zombies


Zero hour contract Dementia tax Integrity lacks and no signs of tact No nurse bursary No magic money tree Unless trying to send bribes to the DUP So fuck your LGBT Good Friday won’t agree Now we know the price for a two seat majority Just 3 rebels in your seats is all you need … More ABC