My lids were lifted and the ceiling was closer, The floor was further away. No floatation though, well suspended. No. My back was held in place. Sculpted between my shoulder blades, I could feel the supports of which I was raised. They were solid, unbreakable, stronger than oak. Every pore of my skin gave off … More Summoned


Zero hour contract Dementia tax Integrity lacks and no signs of tact No nurse bursary No magic money tree Unless trying to send bribes to the DUP So fuck your LGBT Good Friday won’t agree Now we know the price for a two seat majority Just 3 rebels in your seats is all you need … More ABC


Rather live on a bench than sleep in a tent Sooner have no money than pay my rent I’d write off the car before taking a dent Better to burn down the house than see where my keys went Prefer to be cursed than just hear the words Dive into a sewer than be shat … More Choices

Tinny Temper

21st century don’t mean to moan And of course you’re free to do whatever with your phone But what I can’t condone in a public arena Is tinny music from tiny speakers For years the bus has been the preferred setting On my nerves your nerve is trying and getting Is it for the passengers … More Tinny Temper


Look around Look around Take it in Hold it down This is now Don’t be proud Demonstrate Keep it loud Keep it loud This is thunder Lightning strike Sit and wonder Long delay Less longer Every day Rumble stronger Seconds count Each a mile 321 Smile When the blast is far away, you pray When … More Waltz

Future Shock?

It’s 2017 where’s my motherfucking hover board? Look to the skies no sign of the motherboard I long to see crazy beings out in the street Seen birds and cats since 1983 I want three headed red and purple orninoids Want heavily enhanced pure cannabinoids I want teleportation Flying cars Package holidays to distant stars … More Future Shock?