Got the kids a BB8 when the Force Awakens came out Bloody huge it is and it just roams about Every now and then will make a little bleep and bloop Then a turn, carry on in a loop Eats up packets of AA batteries Resorted to 12 for a quid ones from Aldi But … More BB8


Today was the day I caved Today was the day I bought some weed Today was the day I finished my work to come back in a week Today was the day Theresa May painted a future bleak Today was the day she didn’t resign but did deals with the DUP Today was the day … More Caved


On cold grey mornings in June in the north Planèzes stays in my thoughts A house so cheap in the early 90’s a small inheritance bought A house so fused into the rock it’s bulging out the walls A view of hills, river and vines from which their wine is adored The cricket rattle of … More Planèzes


If you’re pushing hate on Muslims Part blame lies with you You are the objective, the result and the tool You honestly believe these lost souls act for Islam? To take the lives of innocents at the time of Ramadan? Islam’s not the problem Extremism is the enemy The extreme muddy the name of any … More Tools

Save Our NHS

The NHS is at May’s behest The state she likes it is in a mess Selling off chunks for less and less To her nearest and dearest and those she knows best She needed a mandate and thought she was blessed So put the country to the test How much we’ll pay is anyone’s guess … More Save Our NHS


Surrounded by stone inside or out Opposite a cliff in a small stone house Pebbles in my shoes and in the kids’ mouth It’ll make you sick quick spit it out now Chips of slate laid down in driveways And large plant pots kids nick em and play Stash them away in their small coat … More Stones