9 o’clock already, Dad’s waiting outside Hoping he won’t notice black pools in my eyes Pats on the back from Martin, Danny, Roxy Creasing in their lips, thinking “rather you than me” That night we’d seen the walls get sucked into the window I’d filled out Lorna’s T-shirt and made the colours glow Alice, Wonderland, … More Tuba


Enough about me, let’s talk about you Only one able to fill my shoes As the subject or object or way to reflect Or deflect to prove I’m not too self centred If I am old age then you are my dentures Speak of you proof I’m not that pretentious This one’s for you and … More Subject


11:11 Why such discomfort? Something eerie about single digits Something strange about standing soldiers Legs are shuffled, fingers fidget Hairs prick up as air seems colder Lump in throat has turned to stone 11:12 before it’s a boulder Though 11:11 is long and alone Decisions are made at 11:11 Perfect time for imperfect revelations Moments … More eleven:eleven


Inside her heart were bluebells A perfect form of the part-time weed They tingle at tales she tells And drop their seeds each time she breathes The dew dropped leaves and petals dance When love is offered or received Eventually in romance Clanging bells chime in the breeze Every mindful step is delicate Every playful … More Royal

Second Breakfast

Pixelated makeshift daydream Basic taste of morning sickness Pancake mix disguise the bitterness Witness the fitness drift and reminisce This hit insists on bliss If living a life wasn’t getting in the way Give faith, make haste, commit Persistence perturbed is hidden in a haze Delay, pray, blaze then praise Not inward facing, props to … More Second Breakfast


Old man hobbles down a cobbled street Knees weak bent relying on shrunken feet Chalk white face looking more like powder Against the luminous high-vis yellow “Hello” I cheerfully nod my head His eyes climb up and let me know he wishes I was dead Before or after him Chance of response is more than … More Man