So much acid I tested her for litmus I’d stay placid just ignoring the spit bursts Really I just wanted her to get calm and kitless Bang to Manuva, Witness the Fitness One track mind she’d say I was witless To deal with her jabbering, I’d have to get lit first Pissing her off she’d … More Litmus


After drawn out periods of still inactivity, the lems begin to stir. Slowly at first, rolling from side to side before a short burst of tension courses through them and they’re a tad more mobile. Bizarre in appearance, lems come in all shapes and sizes. All widths and lengths. A range of pastel dull shades … More Lems


There was a kid in my school who couldn’t walk properly Couldn’t talk properly Or hold a fork properly With his baby hands Forever swollen glands Making crazed demands And they wobble Couldn’t cobble a sentence together He would skip from cars to food to boobs to weather In one breathe Failed every reading test … More Chump

Do the Walk…

Started off on a slight downhill Gravity pulls, no effort needed Drifting along at casual will No warning given, no caution heeded Levelling off without much notice Legs warmed up and striding along Clear blue skies and budding lotus Calming trill of morning birdsong The flat proceeds to a gentle slope Tempting perspiration Stems are … More Do the Walk…


Blackness wraps around, peering down, dark before the dawn. The rarity of stillness, and the calm before the storm. Still no more, spark reborn, a stone flint through perception. A pin hole light ignites awakes through careless misdirection. It stirs, it purrs, it echoes and croaks, Reflecting off the cavern walls. Through the glow small … More Balrog

Wills and Whibley

Ey Jim ya crankin the barbie this arvo? Got snags in the car ya flamin’ galah yo Carton of VB’s large Avocado Mashing up hard on a slice of chard toast Lemon squeezy H2easy Thongs and bongs and ocean breezy Midnight toading Vick’s eroding Rubber on the road More toads exploding Gumtree meddlin’ Headland peddlin’ … More Wills and Whibley

Busiest BRIE

There’s a river of Finglands, Stagecoach, First There’s gaps in the tide preceding the bursts Banners of promotion sliding snakes A million and one obliging “cheers mate”s Clouds of vape from the top back seats Of strawberry cheesecake, bottom shelf sweets Students, prudence, reluctant commutes Buzzing devices headphoned or mute A feminine rhyme but not … More Busiest BRIE