Limping down a mirrored corridor Outside the sky and the trees bounce off the walls Distorted and mystified, misty and hazy Slightly crazed something starts to faze me Everything reflected but my clothes and body? Smoke surrounds as it leaves my lips Sweat floods the ground, profusely drips Steam rises up from the lines on … More Corridor


This home grown never looks the same As the buds and the baggies from the kids down the way That nostril stinging fruit infused strain Has less of a whiff and more a bouquet Organic, orgasmic, hallucinogenic Ammonia free, no chemicals innit One crumble and resin has filled up the grooves in your finger tips … More Homegrown

SU Debut

Nervousness of performance propels my body to the stage Weeks then days then sitting waiting just minutes away A cosy space as intimate as intimate could get And yet I’m gazing out one hundred thousand standing in their debt What do they expect? Some puns or smut, some meta stuff, some cutting observations? A handful … More SU Debut


The slightest flick of friction trips into a spark A spark which catches and ignites a flame The flame starts to burn, starts to learn, starts to earn The flame smokes, chokes and a fire is awoken A fire that cooks and roasts the flesh of the unassuming man on the bus A man who … More Friction

Mel’s Eye

2 days passed of matching, sorting, identifying, interlocking 1000 pieces and every single character Every single face a black outline shaded yellow 2 spaces left but just one in the box Sideshow Mel is missing an eye Down to a pray I search but don’t find Inside shoes, under draws, behind blinds Not the first … More Mel’s Eye

Scent of a Weekend

The streets of Levenshulme on Friday afternoon Perfumed plumes replace the exhaust fumes From open windowed cars and open windowed bedrooms The smell consumes, envelops and blooms Boom or snare, cruise or zoom Integrally zutes require a tune To station from school The breeze is cool Another week through The weekend’s in view


Two thirds water but what is the remainder? More than maintained in the fabric of the frame A unique culmination in your carbon container A cauldron sits engraved with your name But what’s inside much different from mine? A medley muddled and reshuffled over time Strawberries and cream, roses and wine? Or lemons, margarine, nettles … More Squash