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Not Walls

Bridge the gap between east and west Between right and left Between damned and blessed Between those who have and those who have less The less than perfect and supposedly best Between the ones who are messed with and those who mess Between the known and guessed The naked and dressed Denied and confessed Exterminator … More Not Walls

Special K

If you’re ordering donna then you’re doing it wrong I’m also strong on the fact it should never be a pitta And I know for the Turkish a pitta is where it belongs But I’m from Manchester so don’t get bitter I never even knew it was Turkish until later in life Always saw it … More Special K


“Excuse me everybody I’ve just got a quick request I know it’s not really done but I’m going to try my best To connect with you all on this train I’m not begging or preaching or insane I’ve just got a small predicament I’m sure you can empathise, relate to my pain I was wondering … More Water!


Sweating and rolling like bangers in a pan We demand this heat but it’s more than we can stand Binging on Vitamin D until we OD Due to cursed rain on days like today it’s so green And clean The permanent grey hanging everyday makes it look depressing Then the gloom’s washed away by a … More Tuesday

3rd Conditional

The ant nest stood in the corner of the playground away from the courts and equipment For months it had grown and flourished underground without any resentment, judgement or threat An ill-timed, mis-aimed full-power shot sent the football in that direction Unfortunately for everyone, including the ants it was Jacob’s turn to fetch The ball … More 3rd Conditional