A slight tingle offering awareness A hint of discomfort just below the surface The strengthening banging of a drum in the distance Hope of retraction quashed by insistence Existence soon to be arrogantly dominated A general sensation persistently concentrated Echoes are swelling, souls are yelling Waves of throbbing, futile propelling Lightning hits and holds its … More TA


David Wolfe so damn cool Middle name Avocado Caring bout shit and educating fools With your spirit science bravado Just gaze upon his curly face And carefully styled van dyke I’d follow this man anyplace As long as walking or on a bike “If you put fruit into your body then this will be good … More Avocado

After Rain

I could slag off your religion Or dissect your tastes Maybe even nick a ciggie and I’d probably get away with it But shit do you flip The roof you will hit If I bemoan what’s on your lip I could say it’s just a preference Didn’t realise it was sexist Would’ve prevented my speech … More After Rain