NaPoWriMo Day 29

A concept was ignited in the wild imagination in the mind of a gifted writer

A concept baked over years and decades getting heavier, lighter, darker, brighter

Complex plot lines intertwined as characters reach their peaks and declines

Before someone decides with money and time devoted to put it on  screen

Years in the making, a vast undertaking with thousands of hands putting passion and faith in

Location finders, production liners, set, prop, costume, and graphic designers

Each one with eons of study behind them at greatest academies pennies could buy them

Each one earning their place on the team, at recruitment stage beating off all nominees

Add to these, actors from over the globe, classically trained, revered and well known

From the grandest of stages to the best tv shows

They live, they breathe, they glow

Stunning and passionate, giving their all whilst grateful for having this chance to enthral

And more and more to bring this to life, the make up, the music, the sounds and the light

These great animators who toil in the hundreds to make the impossible possible for us

At the helm stand one or two visionary souls to loom at the nuance, the detail, the whole

Delivered to us, a sensory core

An epic we’ve never once seen before

The colour, the humour, the shocks so astounding we see all these names while our hearts are still pounding

Only for some sad clown on the Internet

To jump on a site

And simply write


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