NaPoWriMo Day 28


Volcanoes may’ve erupted and blocked out the sky

Perhaps it was a meteorite we still cannot find

The same as the one that wiped out the dinosaurs

But one thing’s for sure it was naturally caused

And also those creatures had no way of knowing

Black smoke surrounding, ash would be snowing

No way to plan or put heads in the sand

Just wait for the event to take them down where they stand

Again, the same as those mightiest beasts

Who made the ground rumble and craned up to trees

No action an option to stop the big rock 

From shaking the oceans and lava up top

An immediate shock

No chance in hell

To shield the earth in the spot where it fell

No opportunity 

Years of warning

Findings and tactics to stop the drop dawning

If only they’d had time

If they had would they’ve squandered it?

If there was prevention, would they even’ve pondered it?

Or would they’ve stuck their claws in their ears

Blocking out sounds they couldn’t bear to hear?

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