NaPoWriMo Day 27


Going to sack off any vain hope of being fit

So far managed to firmly resist

But I’m done with this shit

Going to swallow the earth 

Until every last crumb, drop and fume is usurped

Slurp down milkshakes laced with Bourbon

Elvis burgers deep fried and glazed

Doughnut boxes by the dozen

Truffle oil chips and thick mayonnaise 

Widow haze and wake and bake

And chain it till the end of day

Islay malt and IPA and nothing for my liver’s sake

Chuck my runners in the bin

Burst the dream of being thin

Smash the fruit bowl

Wed computer 

Ride around on mobility scooters

Tracky bottoms


Hot fudge sauce on toast for tea

Nothing but the worst for me!

Living healthy’s overrated

Gorge until I’m saturated

Toke until my lungs are wasted

Wait until my waist’s inflated


It’s settled then

Die before my kids are ten 

Go to raid the cupboards when

I realise all I’ve got is rice cakes


I’ll just have one of them

Tomorrow I’ll rethink again

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