NaPoWriMo Day 26

Guac Attack

Slice red onion to the smallest dice

6 cloves of garlic at least to get nice 

Fry them together, quarter onion raw

Touch of oil, 5 minutes or four

Test avocados, nice and soft

But not so squish they’ve started to rot

Ease out the stone, don’t cut your hand

Spoon all the garlic and the onion out the pan

Along with the raw red and mix it all together 

Squeeze a whole lime, fine cayenne chilli pepper

Add some salt, nah more than that

Take a jar of cumin and give a little tap

Grab some tomatoes, throw away the seeds

And the hard bit at the top where the green vine leads

Chop em up little, throw them in the mix

Bare coriander and you’re buzzing off your tits

Atop quesadillas, or tortillas or just solely 

Swear down this is the world’s best guacamole 

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