NaPoWriMo Day 24


Got granted a wish of anything I pleased

Like Hollies couldn’t think of anything I need but the warmth of my blood, the air that I breathe

I opted to rid us of the world’s disease

Think of a name, fingers clicked, that body of evil would cease to exist

Took down leaders, raged up fires

Getting drunk off this power I’d acquired 

Sat in the dark, didn’t eat for days

Thinking of more and more pricks to erase

Clicking away like a dick to a waitress 

Evaporating those who had caused us distress

Jumped on the telly for a worldwide broadcast 

“Judgement has arrived and my name is Matt

So give up your cash and melt all your guns

Just when you thought the bad guys had won”

I didn’t just take out anyone

But those with the gall to know what they’d done

At first

Ran out of names and built up a thirst

Any excuse to exhume this curse

Clicking away at complete strangers

Talking on the phone on the train? That’s dangerous

Not saying cheers when I’ve opened the door? 

Bikes on the pavement, gobbing on the floor?

Need more and more

I need this world perfect

Souls turn to ash but I’m sure it’s worth it

Clicking on your biro, shirts off in public

Wouldn’t even hesitate before I clicked

Your past and your spirit condensed to irritation

Wiped out all across this nation


Probably shouldn’t have done that

Wish they’d all come back

How’d I turn into such a twat?



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