NaPoWriMo Day 23

Just because the sun is hiding behind the clouds doesn’t mean that the warmth is too


Sat in this carriage like an aubergine in salt

A yuppy in a sauna 

A spider in a vault

Nobody’s fault per se but can I just say that opening a window feels like a revolt

Ladies with their good hair, dry brows everywhere 

Boat race cobbled and nobody cares

And that’s fine

This cretin is of a different kind 

The colder the body the soul more divine

But surrounded by lizards who’re scared to breathe

To inhale our commuting peers is more pleased

I’m as naked as I can legally be

My buttons are as low down as not to be a sleaze

My sleeves are all rolled up, set my arms free

But still the air is stifling and suffocating me

Why is this body so unnaturally hot?

Sounds narcissistic but I swear that it’s not

But I know the way the wind blows if I open a window would make me the foe of all my fellows

This dripping man understands that I’m different 

This sweating ham won’t want to bother you

Yesterday every window cooled and blew 

Just because the sun is hiding doesn’t mean the warmth is too

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