NaPoWriMo Day 21


This was an eggless Easter Sunday 

Purchased, stored and Cabdury laid

The hunt was planned yet never played

No boxes smashed, no foil unwrapped, no squared shells cracked, no sweet creme lapped

Dad’s getting fat, treats sugar like smack

Gaze in desire, determined not to snap

Asian mum prefers savoury snacks

No longer pretends that choc’s all that

Young boy claims it’s the worst day ever

Sicked up twice feeling under the weather

Tried some rice yet couldn’t keep it down

Tried on a brave face, couldn’t hide his frown

Alice in a strop now the egg hunt’s been stopped

Girl is the bunny and she’s starting to hop

Snuck out some rabbits from the Maltese box

Now she’s Dillon chilled in his fave spot

This was an eggless Easter Sunday

Still got caught in golden rays

Still watched Kanye’s live feed pray 

Still had chicken and mash and gray-vay

Still had beers and chats with the folks 

Still had fun without the yolks

Granny and Poppa took Alice to the park

Bruce’d been begging for a film too dark

With sister gone downstairs invited

Watched with Dad, he was so excited 

Not a thought of his empty belly with aliens fighting on the telly

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