NaPoWriMo Day 19


Apathy arrives in the form of rebellion

An imposed chore detracting from play

Apathy morphs then into distraction

Strange attractors forcing the stray

Laziness rules the next leg of apathy

Lack of energy, absence of drive

Striving for more seems dorky and small

So coolness, this is where apathy dives

Until it just doesn’t seem cool anymore

Peers are flying while you’re nailed to the floor

All the foundations apathy is built

At this stage it’s transformed into guilt

A guilt so counterproductive it’s heavy

The more unaccomplished, the head more buried

Raise more levees to the flood created

Expected yet unevenly weighted 

Apathy’s drowning, pushing us down

Gasping for life and wrestled to the ground

Yet when we can flip it and pin it on its back

Apathy retreats, apathy retracts

As apathy’s defeated the stronger we become

But don’t get complacent, the fight’s just begun

Never get tricked into pulling that thread

Each time apathy rears it’s ugly head

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