NaPoWriMo Day 17


As soon as I open the back door or front

For taking out rubbish, for work or a run

One side of sun rise not anyone stirs

Greeted with a birdsong that makes my mind purr

This is jazz before jazz, soul before Motown

Each day bathe in the exact same sound

A flutter of improvisational tweets

(Although if recorded the notes would repeat)

An R2D2 collection of beeps

Tailed by C C low G up to E


Too too do twee


I quick flick on the last note pushing it sharp

Calms my heart like a Newsom harp

Grounds my roots as though stuck in marsh

Wish this way each day would start

But I’ve yet to see this secret performer

A spring serenader who’ll scoot when it’s warmer

And when it does, I’ll miss those four notes

Around my head all day they float

And when I return in the afternoon or evening 

My friend still whistling this tune so pleasing 

If someone passes I stop them with glee

Yet no one seems quite as taken as me

Too too do twee

I hear it again

Too too do twee

Meeting with friends

Too too do twee

Teaching a class

Too too do twee

Sweet tune everlasts

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