NaPoWriMo Day 16

Our Lady


We waited in line with an overexcited baby

We’d got there early on a weekday morning in November and the queue was already far reaching

We’d seen it so many times in pictures and paintings

Films and TV shows from her country and mine

But standing on the outside it looked so grand and significant

Elaine was so so pregnant and Bruce so manic and despite the blatant tourism it all felt simply magic

Just as we approached the entrance Bruce nodded off in my arms

Walking through the doors from bright to dark adjusting our sight took time

But peace was found inside

The artwork so intricate

The history so apparent

The marriage of royalty and the backdrop of their fall

The setting of revolt and romance for monsters

Last night the horror arrived in the early evening 

We saw the beginning and the spire come down

The church will survive in some form or other 

The blaze another tale for the tour guide to tell

But as we all watched as the fire raged on

Pieces of our stories were burnt as well

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