NaPoWriMo Day 13


All in all you’re not just another brick in the wall nor a cog in a machine

You’re an intricate case, a unique face the likes of which have never been seen 

Not one other being, no life form born your time or location with your name stationed

No other soul holds the same view taken

Identical tastes or your imagination 

You’re an observer, deservingly so

You know the truth that no one else could know

You’ve seen things no one will ever see

Whether it be in dreams or in reality

The vastness of space just a mad occurrence 

Millenia spent no sensed assurance

No minds to process the dance of the stars

Flip to the present and present you are

A communicator, an illuminator, a light, sound and sensory accumulator 

You fill the void that no one else can

You’ve been employed to buoy where you stand

You’ve been deployed to witness the shift of rise and falls of takedowns and lifts

You are the difference, the variable needed 

Each of us cultured, each of us seeded 

Each of us here to pass on the knowledge

The lessons of old encouraging courage

You are the watcher to make it worthwhile 

You are the arms on the face of the dial


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