NaPoWriMo Day 11


Been bald all my life so I bought some extensions 

Took talks to convince my wife of the pretension 

Short chords at first the size of a finger

Looked like a mid nineties soul singer

PM Dawn, Soul 2 Soul

Not my goal to look like a minger

Went to the wig shop, got quite cross I asked what other short extensions they’d got

Tied on to the chords, had a little bob

The bloke in the shop said it looked a bit odd

You’d look great with longer he said

You’d look stable and stronger he said

Went in the back to his secret stash and pulled out a bag with a tag that read:

-Natural Growing and Flowing Extensions

“This is just one of my latest inventions

Plug these in, give a little rinse and witness the most divine of ascensions”

With mild apprehension I started to knot

Flipped on the tap until the water got hot

Unsure if this would work or not

Sod it! May as well try and give it a shot

Looked in the mirror and what did I see?

A fit Disney prince looking back at me

Locks with volume, luscious and free

Then kept on growing past my thighs, past my knees

Extensions grew into the floors, walls and ether

No longer a man but a tribble-like creature 

Extensions bursting out the chimney and windows

Out to the streets and flowing down the roads

Filling up the towns, the country and the cities

It may sound grim but looked kind of pretty

Never-ending extensions covering the land

Masking the baldness and shades of ham

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