NaPoWriMo Day 9

What’s With Today Today?

The quality of life for all holds varied definitions 

Though on this day the only day my life takes acquisitions

Yesterday is gone and now tomorrow lays in doubt 

So today must take my judgement, this criterion is how


How much I’ve created be it word or tune or food

And if not food then quality of nourishment consumed?

As for tunes has chance appeared to lay, complete or beat or tweak?

The words I write, they sit quite right or match the way I speak?


I judge the day by how much I’ve connected with my children 

To not just’ve been present but been influential to them

Have I been a pleasure? 

Have I taught them something new?

Or have I been a barrier from what they want to do?

Have I been an irritation, tyrant or a sloth?

Or have I been a hero, a comedian, a boss?


The day gets my review based on how much that I’ve run

Could I make it up the steep hill?

Could I even have begun? 

Did I get the opportunity to listen to my greatest?

An album start to finish be it classic or the latest? 

Have I wasted too much time getting sucked into Twitter?

Or some other crap app that unbelievably is shitter? 

Have I earned enough likes doesn’t fall it to the fray

Yet making people smile surely brightens up this day


Have I made love today?

Have I stayed in touch with friends?

Have I witnessed something so unique I captured with my lens?

Or better still have I resisted, keeping beauty to myself

Just taken in the moment caring for my mental health


Have I spoken to a stranger?

All of us in danger of inviting isolation

Did I listen to their voice or simply hog the conversation?

Have I offered what I can?

Have I been the better man than yesterday’s chump?

Or fallen in a slump?

Have I utilised my powers?

Can I look back on the hours?

Can I fall asleep and say

“What a bloody great day!”?

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