NaPoWriMo Day 5


Her aura was gorgeous,  

bright, glowing and giant 

Her aura was warm, spiced, orange and vibrant

Her aura apparent, hid nor transparent

Her aura was calling, her voice stayed silent


Pulsating the room, her aura consumes the attention of all in its net

Waved out in plumes, her aura assumes the inevitability set

Of respect as expected, her aura neglected would shatter the earth to its core

The girl shaped waves of her aura conflates to the space and is silently sure

Adored is her aura by all that saw her, all who get lured and hooked

Magnetic in power yet magic in tone, her aura triumphant upon once looked

Each turn of her book her aura diffuses 

Each sip from her cup her aura amuses

Commanding the crowd whose voices rang loud now whispering how her aura just oozes

And breaks their trains of trivial thought her aura distracts from the trinkets they’ve bought

Her aura

Doing the work for her

For a reading girl soundless perched in the corner 

Demanding restraint

Demanding order

Of those now owned

Owned by her aura

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