NaPoWriMo Day 3


Break me off a piece of that bread so I can soak up the energy seeping out the hole in the side of my head

Fast pass me that sponge this gunge has saturated this bap and the gel has now turned to sap

Find me the faucet to this tap and quick place the basin for the drips

before the cats lap it up and go fucking manic off their tits

Need a bung or a cork to ram in my ear to cease the outpour of temporal piss

No it’s not big enough

It’s sticking to my wrists and flowing down rapid to my elbows 

This shit’s got glitter and lint that glows 

It’s not slowing down it’s wrinkling my skin 

I’m soaking in sin and I’m drenched 

Fetch me an oversized comedy wrench to jimmy the nuts til it’s fastened shut clenched 

No not that fucking huge

Who in the universe could manoeuvre such a stupefying tool?

Who could replenish this vital life juice flowing out of this fool?

I’m slipping in my old age, skidding in this serum

My ankles, my ribs, my shoulders and my bum are now level

Drowning in words

Choking the absurd from a wet cauliflower leaking out to the floor

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