NaPoWriMo #2

Genre Bonder

Not a reggae fan but a Marley man

Can’t dubstep accept but Skrillex I can 

Not a drum n bass but a Roni Size

For Ska The Specials take that  special prize

Operation Ivy is the only punk

D’Angelo is the only hunk

Oasis only sounds good when drunk

And Thundercat’s got that modern day funk

For the old style funk stick with Stevie Wonder

But smash the prison of a music genre

All this modern day folk stroke pop

When all we need is just one Fleet Fox

White rap’s just crap and that’s crap for me

But the Beastie’s what we aspire to be

Cock rock’s only really got Guns n Roses

Comedy Rock’s got Tenacious D

But taking the whole of music comedy 

Flute of the Commodores a priority 

RnB only needs Beyoncé

Lad bands only Arctic Monkeys

And The Monkees proves for 60s pop The Beatles is all I ever pop

(I rhymed pop with pop)

Hip – hop’s hard to pick the best

But for old skool crank A Tribe Called Quest

For old old skool Grand Master Flash

NWA/ Dre for gangsta rap

And country’s crap bar Johnny Cash

Reggeaton no no Despacito

Though King Africa is jokes to know

Bomba’s the only one to flow

But don’t go quizzing me on music types 

For every type there’s one or two I like 

I don’t see the point investing time

I don’t want good, I want sublime (not the band)

80s New Wave just give me The Cure

Proggy metal needs Tool and no more

Though Faith No More for metal rap

And Rage too but they’re more funk than that

Brit pop – Pulp – why go any further? 

Though post Brit pop, Blur needs a whirler

We don’t need Duffy, Adele or Paloma when Amy the only Brit soul wonder

And Kate Bush was the best of British quirk

The only Icelandic outlandish prog electro pop is Björk 

And Morrisey? He’s a fucking jerk

So Radiohead’s the only drear that works 

Grime’s a bit grim but give me Little Slims

Trying to find a way to work Frank Ocean in

I suppose he’s new soul but goes more far

Also trying squeeze in Kendrick Lamar

The saviour of hip hop

Like Bowie to glam rock 

I could go on but I think I should stop 

Before I offend any more than I have

But genre purists just drive me mad

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