First Flight

Life begins anew and again as I sprout wings
A maiden voyage takes as the frogs and crickets sing
The wind is unpredictable
The sun lashes down
A refuge admissible desired near the ground

By the banks of the river I spot an open cave
A nourishing whiff wafts and I am enslaved
I enter with confidence
Land on pearly stones
At the very next moment the entrance starts to close

A trick? A viscous liquid surrounds and starts to drown
My ears are being deafened by a mumbled panicked sound
I’m tumbled around and lifted by a tongue
Ejected at high speed I’m a cannonball flung

My flight is disabled by the lukewarm goo
Crashed onto the sand in a ball and I’m through
I’m new and already the end is imminent
So much I couldn’t do and my small heart laments

But the rays are still beating and the banks are baking
As my body starts steaming my wings start shaking
I take to the breeze and not the only one amazed
And I’ll never go rummaging in squishy pink caves

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