One day Johnny was given a gun
With an index squeeze of the trigger went boom
Johnny felt powerful, Johnny felt strong
Johnny felt the weapon and himself were one
The thing with addiction is it’s never a constant
The thrill comes along in a split second instant
The line of coke hits the back of your nose
The sting of a syringe after administering its dose
The ping of your phone for a like or a share
The climax of love once it’s got you there
The drag of a cigarette filling your lungs
Well, the same with the shot being fired from a gun
So the dragon’s being chased, need to pop more shells
Well there’s bigger and better that the shops will sell
Now he’s firing rapid, he’s a tough brute man
Not just a hobby, it’s part of who I am
I’m John Wayne, John McClane, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
I’ve got the pain to give if you want some
I’ll give up my rights as long as you can
Prize this rifle from my cold dead hands
So a leftard pussy has lost all their friends
Cos they hate our country and refuse to defend
Now their pointing their fingers saying guns are at fault
Makes no sense when it’s all mental health
Would a junkie drop the dope due to criminal involvement?
A smoker stub it out because the government told them?
A gambler quit when close to liquidation?
Well Johnny and his mates have got the backing of their nation
Guns don’t kill people, dickheads do
But not just the dickheads bursting into the schools
Also the dickheads refusing to quit
Like junk head Johnny on his sad powertrip

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