I’m not going to die in a showdown with my longstanding mortal enemy
I’m not going to get attacked and eaten by great white sharks far out at sea
I’m not going to burn in the flames of a home whilst rescuing an infant
I’m not going to act as the prey of a super exotic rich man’s hunt
There will be no epitaph, no eulogy, no legacy
The children of the future will have never heard of me
And that’s fine
I’ve always known I’ve never owned a beautiful mind
Or a superhuman body breaking ribbons on the line
I can’t even rhyme
Or when I do it’s just old hat
I sing my heart pushed from my sleeve and every other note falls flat
Unremarkable this vessel into which I was injected
No tragedy, disease or disability affected
Not to say that I desire these things
I wouldn’t wish on anyone
Just one example of how ultra regular this John
The most mundane of genders, no exciting sexuality
The plainest of all races of the dullest nationality
Live from hand to mouth although the mouth eats more than offered
The pain of this world hurts me but to change I can’t be bothered
My death therefore I presume will be as unadventurous as me
It won’t be on the battlefield defending my country
I don’t even believe I’ll be surrounded by my family
I’ll probably just get hit by a tram or something

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