The only passenger on the midday service
The slow engine purrs, the suspensions hiss
This Metro paper keeps me entertained for several minutes
Put it down quick before I get too miffed
Try and let my mind drift, disregard the phone
Loneliness shifts even moments alone
Wish an original thought would grip me
Trick me
Trip me
Flip me out of this sleep
Six time folded paper sticks out of the seat
Pale blue lines and broken folder holes
Intrigued by the secrets and lies it may hold
Could be a confessional, a cry for help
A formulated passage in the tone of a whelp
A sonnet of passion or a notice of breakup
Or a fast map to treasure for whoever first picks up
A mystery box unlocked loses the mystery
Left alone it thrills with infinite possibilities
But what if it’s for me?
What if this is my message?
I’m the chosen one with an incredible gift
I’m Emmet, Neo, Luke
I always knew it was true
This could be my mission with instructions what to do
This is my cue the conductor’s left the coach
Lean over the aisle and quickly whip up the note
I slowly unfold and check I’m in no one’s view
Salad stuff
Vegetables (stew?)
A mystery box unlocked loses it’s mystery
But did they ever make that stew for their tea?


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