Course Set

Open book or an open grave
A hero in my mind with no one saved
Slave to a trade I can walk away from
Life’s a time bomb
Don’t think or pray
So flay me alive
A broke nose dive
Awoken joke who copes and survives
Just about
Keep plodding display no clout
Concave conveyed convex breathe out
Contents precise
Context converts the men to the mice
It hurts to think twice
Pays to be stubborn
North to be nice
Soft to be southern
Stupid or wise
When you’re absolutist everything is black or white
Bad advice but struck twice with what’s been left to me
A world too complex to see complexities
Too demanding to choose necessity
Too outstanding to reach pure ecstasy
Let’s see
Dragged by our heels to a dark era of our history
A mystery to catch our feet and stand free
Difficult to fight with a face behind a screen
Our monsters’ hilarious
Our saviours off TV
Oppressors are paying us
Obligatory fees
Talk’s not just cheap, it’s completely free
Let’s redress, reset, course set for 2015

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