After drawn out periods of still inactivity, the lems begin to stir.
Slowly at first, rolling from side to side before a short burst of tension courses through them and they’re a tad more mobile.

Bizarre in appearance, lems come in all shapes and sizes.
All widths and lengths.
A range of pastel dull shades from white to pink to brown to black.
A variety of limbs and appendages
Bumps and curves.
Nooks and crannies.
Making them look rather humorous.

Some lems cling on to the wild notion that despite the other lems being ugly, they themselves are beautiful and radiant.
However, most lems are firmly resigned to their nauseating hideousness.
Each lem slowly falls about their unit in a ritual of cleaning, feeding and grooming.

These units are as diverse and various as the lems are.
Some are simply composed of one cell, whilst others have many cells making up one unit.
All differing sizes.
In any one unit you could find anywhere between 1 to 7 lems.
Possibly more.

The lems pick up speed bouncing around their unit,
Sometimes making angry faces at each other.
Or indeed at themselves if no other lem is present.
A timer on the wall counts down as each lem increases their rate rapidly.

When the timer runs out, the lems immediately evacuate their units in the fashion of a brisk walk or sprint.
A large metal cylinder, central to the lems’ units, chugs and splutters.
The lems scramble over each other to fill the tube.
Often, certain lems are observed having races to reach the finish.
However, this is never communicated, and no prize is awarded.

The cylinder seems to operate on its own timer.
Hundreds of lems reach the tube mere moments before the timer is finished.
Though few, if any, arrive after;
An amazing phenomenon of group coordination.
Once every lem is crammed inside, the cylinder is transported along a track.

The lems crush together inside though if you look closely you’ll see they don’t actually make contact;
To make contact would cause severe internal distress.
Organic communication is also heavily frowned upon.
This is due to each lem being fully absorbed in synthetic communication.

Once the big container reaches a mega unit far away from the origin, the lems disperse to designated areas where they can ingest buzz juice and fat backup.
Some excrete bodily waste whilst others opt to burn dried flowers and inhale the fumes which in the moment is mildly satisfying, but is ultimately soul destroying and baffling.

After a short period of time all lems proceed to the next unit where they will push buttons and pull levers until a gold coin comes out.
Some lems get bigger gold coins depending on how many levers they’ve pulled or buttons they’ve pressed previously.
Every now and then, the lems of one designated unit will meet to discuss how to increase lever pulls and how they need to push more buttons.

Again a timer is displayed to signal the end of button pushing;
This timer is regarded closely by all lems and appears to get irritatingly slower as the day progresses.
The exact moment the timer is finished, the lems scurry back to their assigned cylinder to be returned in a similar fashion to how they arrived.

A percentage of lems linger and dunk their faces in toxic based sweet fluid which makes them jump on each other and wrestle.
Be it amorously or aggressively.
Other lems will simply remain motionless in one cell of their unit absorbing information before moving to another cell where they will remain petrified and unconscious.
They will remain in this state for a drawn out period of time before repeating the whole process again.

Lems are incredibly simple creatures.
This simplicity is experienced as pure anguish.
So much so that the lem lives in constant denial and delusion that they are somehow complicated and irrationally special.

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