Do the Walk…

Started off on a slight downhill
Gravity pulls, no effort needed
Drifting along at casual will
No warning given, no caution heeded
Levelling off without much notice
Legs warmed up and striding along
Clear blue skies and budding lotus
Calming trill of morning birdsong
The flat proceeds to a gentle slope
Tempting perspiration
Stems are tight but able to cope
Through silent, driven determination
Clouds are dotted across the skies
The inward wind picks up its speed
The path is rocked and starts to rise
A rest for chocolate bars and tea
The blue is gone and overhead it’s overcast and grey
On the ground there’s spits and flicks, the first few specks of rain
Weary now, small aches and chafes
Though not to be discouraged
Stamina is all it takes
Provided finely nourished
The steepness of the gradient increases with each step
Heat and cold take over, boots are covered, clothes are wet
Carriage bulked with water,
Smothering and heavy
Body acting as a levy
Be it rain or be it sweat?
The forward route a wall
The back path has been drowned
The summit may be tall
But soon there wont be any ground
Raisin shrivelled fingers grip loose against the rock face
Edges imbed into the skin
Gingerly the next hand placed
Muscles spasm, bashed up shins
It’s grim
Relentless downpour battering from behind
With progress made it seems there’s more as handles become hard to find
Blinded by the salt and wind
Grated by the rock
Breathless, hopeless, lifeless
Ripped in shreds and need to stop
How easy would it be to drop?
How difficult to not!
Drifting in and out against all odds reach the top
The world looks so magnificent yet jaded from this height
The other side a sharp decline
With no base in sight
Don’t fight!
Past the rock
Through the flood
Through the water
To the end
To the end.

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