Wills and Whibley

Ey Jim ya crankin the barbie this arvo?
Got snags in the car ya flamin’ galah yo
Carton of VB’s large Avocado
Mashing up hard on a slice of chard toast
Lemon squeezy
Thongs and bongs and ocean breezy

Midnight toading
Vick’s eroding
Rubber on the road
More toads exploding
Gumtree meddlin’
Headland peddlin’
Open up wide and we let the devil in

Coming down grim at the side of the beach
Volleyball Jesus leach and then preach
Refuge cool down found in Kapoo suite
Christmas beetles and they’ve stolen our sheet
Ramsey Street yet no Susan Kennedy
No fackin’ wackers we got our own remedy

It takes a couple of geetars
And some reefars
And two leetars
Mount Gay rum
Crash land in Noosa
Packed with loot but
We too stupah and
We leave with none
How come?
We the first in town to get robbed?
Fucking oath, yeah
Merry Birthday God

Bods in bikinis Santa hats
Convo trapped by that English twat
Snapped up Kasia, Cachaca, Cradle To The Grave
Pressure compressor Estonia brave
Misty Blue Mountains stealing our thunder
“It’s boring, there’s nothing to do in Katumba”
Kabunta, Kalumba?
Exes and butt fires
Whibley Wonder and Ozymandias

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